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About Florida Luxury Motorcars

Welcome to Florida Luxury Motorcars.

We are a quality pre-owned car dealership based in beautiful Tampa, Florida. We specialize in late model, low mileage vehicles. Whether you are looking for an entry level, mid-level, or a luxury/exotic vehicle, we are your trusted source. We will go above and beyond to make sure that your car buying experience with us is honest, positive, and memorable. We realize that the car buying process is one of the most stressful experience for anyone. We want to take that stress away from you. We take pride in the No Haggle, No Pressure experience enjoyed by our clients. Our cars sell themselves because we baby them and price them at an ultra competitive price.

We have nationwide access to quality vehicles from lease return, captive finance companies, credit unions, banks, and many different auctions. All of our vehicles are selected very carefully by experienced professionals. We know that the exterior condition of your vehicle is important to you but how it operates under the hood is much more important to you and to us. We will make sure that every Car, Truck, SUV is mechanically sound and looks as close to new as possible.

It is our promise that we will not sell you a car, truck, or suv that we would not sell to our own family.

We are passionate about luxury cars and we intent on sharing that passion with you when you purchase your new car from us.

If we do not have the exact vehicle you are looking for in our inventory, please feel free to call us or fill out the "Vehicle Finder" form. We will be more then happy to help in your search.